Eastridge Corporate Center

Eastridge Corporate Center – Energy Saving Project

Client: The Morelli Family, LLC
Location: Bellevue, WA

Eastridge Case Study SavingsGaining Control of the Campus

Eastridge Corporate Center (ECC) in Bellevue, WA is owned and operated by The Morelli Familiy, LLC, and consists of two buildings with a combined square footage of 87,500. Constructed in 1982, the campus was primarily controlled by the original pneumatic system which was long past its end of life. Building staff was constantly adjusting the system trying to keep tenants happy. The two buildings were eventually forced to run 24/7 just to maintain tenant satisfaction.

Wanting to improve building performance, the owner contacted ATS to discuss maximizing their systems. The campus was experiencing numerous issues including: failing VAV boxes, faulty pneumatic controls, poor air quality and inconsistent temperatures.

ATS provided ECC with options to address the maintenance and comfort issues at the campus. There were two possible paths: a comprehensive systems replacement or piece-meal repairs. Puget Sound Energy’s (PSE) Major HVAC Controls Upgrade program provided incentives of up to 50% for the comprehensive system replacement. ATS guaranteed the incentives up-front and provided financing for the retrofit. The financing and incentives allowed the owner to modernize immediately rather than wait for a significant system failure. With guaranteed incentives and financing, capital was freed up for ECC to also perform a concurrent lighting retrofit.


ECC has seen savings of 40% in total campus energy usage (667,000 kWh over 12 months) for the two ECC buildings combined. In addition, there was an avoided cost of $73,501 in utility spend over 12 months. As part of the financing agreement, ECC added an ongoing Support Agreement with ATS to ensure improvements in building operations are maintained into the future, further guaranteeing their investment and future savings. Tenant complaint calls have been significantly reduced now that ECC has greater visibility and control of their campus and an improved ability to solve issues in a timely and proactive manner.

For additional details read the entire case study detailing the work performed at the Eastridge Corporate Center.

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