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Energy Services

Energy is what we do.

Energy Management Systems are the brains of a building. Energy Management Systems can interact with all aspects of a building and is the common link between occupants, facility managers, and mechanical and electrical systems. A building cannot maximize energy efficiency, no matter how efficient the mechanical or electrical equipment is, without an optimized Energy Management System. This is what ATS does. Energy is what we do.

Energy Project Development

ATS saves customers energy and money by leveraging our Energy Management Systems, applying our controls and systems expertise, and providing new and innovative solutions. An Energy Assessment of your facility is the first step and the foundation to developing a project that will save your building energy and money. Though Energy Assessments tend to focus on energy conservation projects, it is common for the non-energy benefits (i.e. tenant comfort, maintenance reduction, end of life replacement, etc.) to be the primary project driver.

Energy Metering

“You can’t manage what you can’t measure.” This ubiquitous business axiom can be also be applied to building efficiency. Whether it is campus, tenant, or system sub metering ATS can support the provision, installation, and ongoing monitoring of electric, gas, steam, chilled/hot water, or any other sub meters. With proper metering in place, energy management priorities become much clearer and the ability to manage energy becomes easier.

Energy Services

Energy InsightCloud-Based Energy Benchmarking, Monitoring, & Reporting
ATS energyInsight helps Find, Track, & Prove energy savings. ATS energyInsight works directly with utilities to gather, input, and validate data – providing a hassle-free and easy-to-use utility analytics dashboard that provides the insight needed to answer four key business questions:

  1. How are your buildings performing?
  2. Are buildings getting better or worse?
  3. Where are the best opportunities for savings?
  4. Have past energy improvements paid off?

Energy AnalyticsReal-Time, Cloud-Based Interval Data & Load Profile Analysis

ATS energyAnalytics is a real-time, cloud-based energy analysis tool. ATS energyAnalytics includes comprehensive analytics, energy key performance indicators, and energy alarms that identify consumption and demand events, high base loads, high operational loads, inefficient schedules, and load creep. ATS energyAnalytics uncovers opportunities to more effectively control electrical consumption and demand while reducing energy costs.

Energy OptimizationLeveraging your Energy Management System to Maximize Efficiency

Energy Management Systems are sophisticated, and sometimes complex, tools that can enable facilities to maximize energy savings without sacrificing comfort or processes. Energy Management Systems are also nearly infinitely flexible and adjustable which, over time, can lead to unintended energy waste. ATS energyOptimization employs a systematic approach that focuses on the three S’s of control system efficiency – Schedules, Set Points, & Sequences – to maximize energy savings.

Facility CareContinuous Commissioning | Advanced Fault Detection | Reporting | Energy Alarming & Analytics

Applying analytics to the data produced by facility systems is a proven and highly effective way to reduce operating costs and improve facility operations. Analytics works by identifying patterns that represents faults, deviations from a baseline, and opportunities for savings. ATS facilityCARE is a cloud-based software solution that continuously monitors the operation and efficiency of facility systems. ATS facility CARE identifies energy and cost saving opportunities by combining extensive automated fault detection libraries with custom facility-specific analytic rules to produce energy efficiency and maintenance action items for facility engineers. ATS facilityCARE automatically generates fault detection reports that proactively identify energy waste and system inefficiency within a facility.

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