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Enrollment Guidelines


  • Student enrollments will only be accepted through online registration via the ATS website.
  • Students will be accepted on a first-come, first-served basis.
  • A valid PO number is required for ALL registrations in the event of a late cancellation (see Cancellations below).


  • Students must satisfy all prerequisites for the class that they wish to attend or they will be denied admission to the class. Please see the appropriate course syllabus for details.


  • Cancellations will be accepted by EMAIL ONLY, up to three weeks prior to the class start date without charge.
  • 50% of class tuition for cancellations made 11-21 calendar days prior to class start date.
  • Full tuition for cancellations made 10 calendar days or less before class start.

Confirmations & Wait Lists

  • Confirmation will be emailed to the student prior to the class. The student is not enrolled in any class until this confirmation is received.
  • Students being registered for a class that is currently in a wait list state will be placed within a single wait list queue for the course. As seats open up due to cancellations, students will be selected from the wait list on a first-in, first-out basis and notified of their enrollment.
  • Students may not be placed within the wait list queue for any course where prerequisites have not been satisfied.

Stacked Enrollments

  • eLearning Courses: Due to the self-paced nature of our eLearning offerings, we do not allow “stacked enrollments” where one course is a prerequisite for another. Example: A student cannot register for the BT-e230 until he or she has successfully completed the BT-e100 course. Likewise, a student cannot register for the BT-230 Lab until he or she has successfully completed the BT-e230 course.
  • Instructor-led Courses: Students can register for classes that are scheduled “back-to-back” even if the first class is a prerequisite to the second. This is only valid for classes that are scheduled in back-to-back weeks. Students cannot register for classes where there is a week or more between the offering of the prerequisite course — the prerequisite course must first be satisfied.

For further inquiries, please contact the ATS training administrator at
We reserve the right to revise these training enrollment guidelines without prior notice.