“… ATS has been a great help and value to our organization by implementing many processes that normally would take me more time to finish. For example, we change our offsets to take advantage of free cooling in the spring/fall, versus winter settings where we need to concentrate on heating offsets. ATS is able to do this in a one, four-hour visit, in comparison of me spending much more time going into each VAV/TU’s/AHU/HRU, etc., to change the settings individually. By changing this so quickly, we are able to enhance the performance of our buildings here in Lake Stevens and the comfort of our occupants.”

Barbara Ossowski
Resource Conservation Manager
Lake Stevens School District



“We are ecstatic, you have exceeded our expectations. Our senior engineer actually sleeps better at night knowing ATS is servicing our system. No, really, that is no joke. I’m serious. We are very happy with getting ATS involved here.”

Kevin Wickenhagen
Senior Infrastructure Services Manager
Yakima County Technology Services



“Jeff (ATS Service Technician) is awesome, he asks the right questions to learn the most he can about our system. We are high maintenance and Jeff responds well to our idiosyncrasies.”

Don Wildes
Chief Engineer
Washington Holdings



“I really value our partnership and I really could not do my job as well without ATS and the great support your team provides.”

– Aubrey R. Brown
Chief Engineer
Columbia Center



“The value (ATS provides) to the City of Olympia is critical to our operations, productivity, troubleshooting, and energy efficiency. If I had to walk into a different position as a technician, supervisor, or director I would make sure building automation was a key part of budgeting and implementation.”

– Eli Cole
Facilities Operations Supervisor
City of Olympia



“This project (Renton High School) is an amazing example of what it looks like when a DDC retrofit is done right”

– J. Stine
Program Manager
Renton School District



“Once the changes (VAV retrofit) were implemented, we saw a marked drop in energy usage right away, and the upgrade made the retro-commissioning aspect of our LEED certification a very smooth process.”

– Eric Hagelin
Chief Engineer
CBRE for Sunset Corporate Campus



“We really appreciate the fact that everyone we have worked with at ATS has been so responsive. Even if our Account Manager is unavailable, we have been impressed that someone else always picks it up right away, without missing a beat.”

– Andy Blomberg
Regional Facilities Manager
Washington State Department of Transportation



“The ATS 2-day Compass Training Class was tremendously helpful for our new technician. The consoles you have with the Alerton devices right there in front of him made all the difference in understanding the set-up of our system.”

– Brian Gladden
Building Manager
Washington State Department of Transportation